Advancing Financial Access for SMEs

Featured speakers

Moderator:Mr. Hayder Al-Bagdadi, Programme Coordinator, GIZ, Egypt
Speakers:Mr. Munawar Reza Khan, Deputy Executive Director, TMSS, Bangladesh
Ms.Christin Pfeiffer, Secretary General, INSME – International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises, Italy
Ms.Cynthia Villarreal, General Coordinator, National Program for Financing Microentrepreneurs, Mexico
Mr. Ahsan Ali, Director of Credit, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development
Mr. Nasser Al-Kahtani, Executive Director, AGFUND, Saudi Arabia
Mr. Peter Tavener, Chief Financial Officer, Beehive, UAE


Innovative stakeholders are looking at ways to foster SME’s and their access to knowledge at a global level in order to promote inclusive finance. This session will focus on the development of favorable investment environments and how we can strengthen the scope of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to increase productivity and job creation. We will also explore business opportunities for young entrepreneurs,women, and comprehensive programs that nurture innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship

Listen to the session as a podcast here:

Part 1: Introduction
Speakers: Mr. Hayder Al-Bagdadi, Ms. Cynthia Villarreal, Mr. Munawar Reza Khan, Ms. Christin Pfeiffer

Part 2: Speakers: Ahsan Ali, Peter Tavener, Nasser Al-Kahtani
Questions and Answers from the Audience

Part 3: Questions and Answers from the Audience

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