Zero Spin Roulette by GameScale

Zero Spin Roulette

GameScale’s portfolio includes games in different categories, including several varieties of roulette. We have in mind the development called Zero Spin Roulette, designed for online casinos. What, in addition to the unusual name, can surprise you with a novelty, you will find out in the article.

Play online Zero Spin Roulette

Zero Spin is a kind of traditional European roulette with the classical rules, one zero and the usual arrangement of the numbers on the reel. Layout of the table is also usual.

The aim of the game is to predict where the ball may stop and make one or more bets to get paid on them. One number can bet from one to ten credits. Up to two hundred coins are accepted for equal odds. A total of one thousand two hundred units is allowed to put on a spin.

On the roulette wheel “Zero spin” you can play on the internal, external and so-called oral bets. The first two types are bet by markup. They are discussed in detail in the article on the general rules. Oral bets are taken on an additional track. These are bets on neighbors (five numbers for each position) and on sectors (also read about them in a separate article).

Zero Spin Roulette online

The player has the ability to combine bets as he sees fit. The main condition is not to exceed the limits on individual positions and on the spin as a whole. The manufacturer does not indicate the level of theoretical return, but with these rules it should be usual for European roulette.

How to play Zero Spin Roulette? (Interface)

In the center of the screen is a three-dimensional roulette wheel and the layout of the table for betting. On the left you can see a separate track for verbal bets. If you put the cursor on any of its position, the numbers involved will be marked on the main layout.

On the right there is a scoreboard with the last drawn numbers. Below them there is a panel with betting chips, as well as buttons to control the gameplay. At the very bottom of the screen there is an information panel with data on the current draw and a line where various hints appear.

You should also pay attention to the auxiliary buttons in the upper right corner. Enabled Turbo removes the animation effects, which makes the spin as short as possible. The question mark opens a section with a full description of the game rules. There are also sound settings and the ability to expand the screen to the entire monitor. Finally, note that you do not need to download Zero Spin Roulette. You can play in the browser (including on the screen of a tablet or smartphone).