Creating a Collaborative Platform for Capacity Building in Financial Inclusion

Featured speakers

Moderator:Dr. Bashar Al-Zu’bi, Assistant Professor, Arab Open University – Jordan, Jordan
Speakers:Ms. Padmasana Shakya, Chairperson, Manushi, Nepal
Mr. Ratan Kumar Nag, Acting Managing Director, Garmeen Bank, Bangladesh
Mr. Mohammad Abdul Awal, Executive Director(CEO), Credit and Development Forum, Bangladesh
Ms. Frances Fraser, Southern Africa Regional Director, Planet Finance, University Meets Microfinance, France


As the sector grows and financial inclusion gains greater traction as a tool for creating social change, capacity building for a wide range of stakeholders has become a priority. Speakers will discuss how to ensure that the existing and potential workforce in the microfinance industry is adequately skilled and proficient to become productive stakeholders in developing the industry.  This session will highlight special higher education degrees and training programs in microfinance that will provide participants with the opportunity to learn core microfinance issues and allow them to explore areas of special interest i the field. Thus, creating a tremendous opportunity for them to improve and continue expanding the access of financial services to the poorest.

Listen to the session as a podcast here:

Part 1: Introduction
Speakers: Bashar Alzu’bi, Abdul Awal, Frances Fraser, Padmasana Shakya, Ratan Kumar Nag

Part 2: Panel Discussion
Questions and Answers from the Audience

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