Designing and Delivering Youth-inclusive Financial Service



This Summit training is organized by Making Cents International & sponsored by IFAD

This session will be conducted in English

Featured speakers

Facilitator:Mr. Timothy Nourse, President, Making Cents International, USA
Featured Speaker:Abdelkarim Sma, Lead Regional Economist, IFAD, Italy


This course will prepare microfinance practitioners to understand and provide financial and non-financial services to rural and urban youth. The course will introduce participants to best practices for serving youth, help them to understand the differences between rural and urban youth financial service provision, and detail specific products and service delivery models. To ground the information in concrete examples, the training will also involve a live case study component, where participants will be able to engage with representatives of financial institutions in the MENA region that are currently offering financial services to youth.

Expert Participants:

  • Sehl Zargouni, Director, MicroCred, Tunisia
  • Aida Ksikes, Marketing Director, Al Barid Bank, Morocco
  • Moammar Saleh, Rural Finance Manager, Al Amal Bank, Yemen

By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with:

  1. The demand for financial services among youth and how it changes depending on the age cohort
  2. Seven sound practices for providing financial services to youth
  3. Technology driven health promotion activities
  4. Key differences between serving rural and urban youth
  5. The role of and strategies for providing non-financial services to targeted youth
  6. Tips for conducting market research, designing products, and delivering youth inclusive financial services

The training is relevant to Summit participants including:

  • MFIs interested in serving rural or urban youth
  • Youth serving NGOs who wish to partner with MFIs to better serve youth
  • Donors and Academics who would like to understand the current state of youth-inclusive financial services.

The training is sponsored by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and will be organized by Making Cents International. The live case study component will be led by grantees of the IFAD financed and Making Cents managed Rural Youth Economic Empowerment Program.

Relevant information
Thursday, March 17th | Summit trainings require an additional $100 fee