Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development in Abu Dhabi: Boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem (OECD Report Presentation)

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Speaker:Mr. Marco Marchese, Economist, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), France


This presentation will present part of the study series of OECD Reviews on Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development. During the session, the presenter will discuss the opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurship and SME development and the role that policy can play in case study regions, cities or localities. He will also show the extent to which the local business environment is favourable to start-ups and SME growth and assess the local economic policies in place and the improvements that can be made. The issues examined include management and workforce skills development, access to finance, innovation and knowledge transfer, entrepreneurship and start-ups, internationalisation of SMEs, and the local strategic and governance framework of entrepreneurship and SME policies.

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