Prix de l'AGFUND Prize

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AGFUND International Prize for Pioneering Human Development Projects is an annual Prize of US$ 500,000, établi en 1999 by the Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) and it is supervised and managed by an international committee of renowned development figures, representing the continents of the world. The idea of the Prize is stemmed from AGFUND’s conviction in the importance of inciting innovation and encouraging creativity in development. In this sense, AGFUND Prize has become a leading mechanism to identify successful human development projects, reward them and disseminate their innovative ideas to best contribute to human development. The Prize is now AGFUND’s incubator of distinctive projects.

AGFUND Prize Award Ceremony will be one of the main functions of the events jointly organized in Abu Dhabi by AGFUND and the Microcredit Summit Campaign, which also include the Seventeenth Meeting of the Prize Committee, where the winners of the 2015 Prize in the field of Alleviation of unemployment among youth and the subject of the 2016 Prize will be announced. In the ceremony, four prizes will be awarded to the winners of the 2014 AGFUND Prize in the field of Marketing of Homemade Products as follows:

First Prize Winner (US$ 200,000)
Empowering Women in the Process of Providing Ecofriendly and Sustainable Housing, implemented in Nepal by the Habitat for Humanity Organization
Second Prize Winner (US$ 150,000)
Heritage Preservation, Product Development and Marketing, implemented in Palestine by the Sunbula Association
Third Prize Winner (US$ 100,000)
The Step Program – Home Based Business, implemented in Bahrain by the Ministry of Social Development
Fourth Prize winner (US$ 50,000)
The Initiatives and Marketing Programs for the Artisans Productive Families Product, implemented upon the initiative and effort of Her Highness Princess Nora Bint Mohammed Bin Saud

Facts About the Prize:

  • The number of projects nominated for the Prize since its inception until 2014 totaled 1,226 projects
  • The value of Prizes awarded to the winners totaled US$ 6,380,000 allocated to 53 projects
  • The Prize had put forward a number of development theme in the following areas:
    • Poverty alleviation.
    • Health and Education.
    • Unemployment alleviation and Training.
    • Child development.
    • Women and youth Empowerment.
    • Water and environment.
    • Fighting deadly diseases and disability.
    • Fighting social problems and negative phenomena.
    • Development of agriculture and Food Security for the Poor.
    • Development of remote and rural areas through ICT.
    • Fighting the phenomenon of street children.
    • Marketing of homemade products.

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