Implementing National Financial Inclusion Mandates


Program of activities organized by the Microcredit Summit Campaign in partnership with the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) and the Arab Gulf Fund for Development (AGFUND).

The day will begin with the plenary session Stratégies nationales de l'inclusion financière. The discussion will seek to identify winning strategies for expanding financial inclusion in various countries around the world and what challenges and successes emerged while implementing these strategies. Of key importance will be regulatory policies that enabled new types of financial institutions focused on serving the excluded, digital technologies that make outreach easier and more cost effective, and using government cash transfers as a key building block of financial inclusion.

Following the plenary participants will gather for a luncheon and a closed door session that will seek to establish consensus around the challenges to expanding financial inclusion faced by national governments in the Middle East and the keys to success needed to achieve progress. A draft set of principles will be presented in a “common platform” for consideration by participating financial institutions that will help guide national strategies for expanding financial inclusion. Discussion and comments will be supported by invited experts from around the world in order to refine and clarify each major component of the common framework. The participants will have the opportunity to offer comment and vote on a non-binding agreement to adopt the common framework as guidelines for implementing, revising, or furthering their own unique national financial inclusion strategies. The session will then close with a presentation from AMF representatives on an agenda for working with the participants in implementing these guidelines.

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