Green Microfinance Solutions

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Speakers:Ms. Natalia Realpe Carrillo, Senior Consultant/Project Manager, MicroEnergy International, Germany
Mr. Henri Dommel, Director, United National Capital Development Fund, USA
Ms. Chikako Fujita, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Arc Finance, USA
Mr. Rami Nasraween, Regional Manager, National Microfinance Bank, Jordan


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges humanity will be faced with in the 21st century as we strive to develop economic, social and governance systems capable of achieving full financial inclusion, ending hunger, and improving food security. For this reason, microfinance providers are strategically placed to offer energy solutions that are economically, socially, and, foremost, environmentally sustainable. This session will explore innovative repayment mechanisms, and products tailored for both SMEs and individuals at the bottom of the pyramid to ensure affordable access to best-in-class technology to connect, collaborate, and access markets and opportunities.

Listen to the session as a podcast here:

Part 1: Introduction
Speakers: Chikako Fujita, Henri Dommel, Rami Nasraween, Natalia Realpe Carrillo

Part 2: Questions and Answers from Audience

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