Health and Microfinance Partnerships against Poverty

This Summit training is organized by Freedom from Hunger and the Microcredit Summit Campaign

This session will be conducted in English

Featured speakers

Facilitator:Mr. D.S.K. Rao, Regional Director for Asia-Pacific, Microcredit Summit Campaign, India
Expert participants:Ms. Cassie Chandler, Global Manager, Microfinance and Health Protection, Freedom from Hunger, USA
Mr. John Alex, Group Head, Equitas, India


This course will inform, engage, and prepare participants who are considering the feasibility and benefits of adding health to microfinance. The main objective of the training is to expose the participants to various possibilities of health promotion for financial service providers.

By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with:

  1. Benefits of integrating health with microfinance operations
  2. Different approaches to health protection—challenges faced by FSPs and potential
  3. Technology driven health promotion activities
  4. Health outcome performance indicators
  5. Concept of community of practice of health and microfinance sectors

The training is relevant to participants to the Summit from:

  • MFIs interested in promoting health/already promoting health
  • NGOs working for health and/or microfinance
  • Government sponsored microfinance/health programs
  • Training establishments focusing on health, women empowerment and microfinance
Relevant information
Thursday, March 17th | Summit trainings require an additional $100 fee


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