Introduction to the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management & the SPI4

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This session will be conducted in English

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Facilitator and presenter:Ms. Katie Hoffman, Manager, Responsible Inclusive Finance, Social Performance Task Force, USA


This one-day workshop will introduce the pathway that financial service providers can take to enhance their social performance management (SPM) practices, using the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (“Universal Standards”) as a framework for improving practice. The workshop will use case studies and activities to make the day as interactive as possible. The target audience for this workshop is associations and direct service providers.

The day will start by quickly defining SPM and exploring its importance to an institution’s clients and business. Then, participants will take a deeper look at the Universal Standards and learn how to use the SPI4 Audit Tool to assess their current level of implementation of the Universal Standards. The workshop will also include discussion of key resources available to help financial service providers institute changes after they assess themselves.

The workshop will end with a brief discussion of the Responsible Microfinance Facility, which is a three-year facility designed to strengthen SPM practices in sub-Saharan Africa and MENA. The facility, which is funded by AFD and managed by SPTF, provides a variety of trainings and co-finances FSP-level activities related to responsible finance. Such offerings provide an opportunity for participants in SSA and MENA to build on their SPM efforts beyond the workshop.

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Thursday, March 17th | Summit trainings require an additional $100 fee


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