Lessons Learned from Government Social Protection Programs and the Graduation Approach

Featured speakers

Speakers:Ms. Anne Hastings, Global Advocate and Quality Assurance Advisor, Uplift, USA
Mr. Shameran Abed, Director, BRAC, Bangladesh
Ms. Mariella Greco, Country Director, Plan International Inc. – Paraguay, Paraguay
Mr. Mohammed al Lai, CEO, Al Amal Microfinance Bank
Mr. Yves Moury, Founder, President and CEO, Fundación Capital, Columbia
Mr. Mulugeta Bedanea, REST/USAID Program Focal Person, REST, Ethiopia


Reaching the most vulnerable requires we go the extra mile in finding innovative ways of creating ladders of opportunity. Governments can use CCTs (Conditional Cash Transfer) and other safety net programs to drive financial inclusion, and when combined with the graduation approach, they can help people move from government support to generating income-building assets from their own livelihoods. We will discuss lessons learned from various graduation programs and explore opportunities for cost-effective, scaled-up implementation through MFI, NGO, donor and government programs.

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