Microinsurance Models for the Most Vulnerable

Featured speakers

Speakers:Mr. Richard Leftley, CEO, MicroEnsure, United Kingdom
Mr.Craig Churchill, Head of Social Finance Programme, International Labour Organization, Switzerland
Ms. Bdour Alhyari, Business Development Manager, Microfund for Women, Jordan
Ms. Olga Speckhardt, Head of Global Insurance Solutions, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Switzerland


Different models of microinsurance have been gradually expanding, but some areas continue to have low uptake. This is particularly evident in the Middle East and Africa region where low-income, vulnerable populations lack the appropriate tools to manage risks.
This session will discuss how microinsurance products provide much needed safety nets that protect against risk and vulnerability while helping households protect the assets they have worked to build. We will explore the benefits of different health insurance products, various delivery channels for these services including mobile phones, and innovative ways of meeting the needs of clients through weather index, while still looking at the challenges that lie ahead.

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