Summit Speakers

This page will be updated with speakers for the 18th Microcredit Summit as they are confirmed. If you would like to see who spoke at the 2014 Summit, click here.

Muhammad Yunus Muhammad Yunus Muhammad Yunus, Founder, Grameen Bank and the Yunus Centre, Bangladesh
H.R.H. Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz H.R.H. Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz H.R.H. Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz, President, AGFUND, Saudi Arabia
H.E Queen Sofía de Borbon y Borbon H.E Queen Sofía de Borbon y Borbon H.E Queen Sofia de Borbon y Borbon, Spain
H.E. Hussain J. Al Nowais H.E. Hussain J. Al Nowais Hussain J. Al Nowais, Chairman, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, UAE
Larry Reed Larry Reed Larry Reed, Director, Microcredit Summit Campaign, USA
Cynthia Villarreal Cynthia Villarreal Cynthia Villarreal, General Manager, National Program for Financing Microentrepreneurs, Mexico
Tarek Coury Tarek Coury Tarek Coury, Senior Economist, Silatech, Qatar
Della Sowah Della Sowah Della Sowah, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Protection, Ghana
Pramod Varma Pramod Varma Pramod Varma, Chief Technology Officer, EkStep, India
Jorge Moncayo Jorge Moncayo Jorge Mancayo, Specialist, Central Bank of Ecuador, Ecuador
Craig Churchill Craig Churchill Craig Churchill. Head of Social Finance Programme, International Labour Organization, Switzerland
John Defterios John Defterios John Defterios, CNNMoney Emerging Markets Editor, CNN, UAE
Nasser Al-Kahtani Nasser Al-Kahtani Nasser Alkahtani, Executive Director The Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND), Saudi Arabia
H.E. Najla Ahmed Al Midfa H.E. Najla Ahmed Al Midfa H.E. Najla Ahmed Al Midfa, General Manager, Sheraa, UAE
Yves Moury Yves Moury Yves Moury, Founder, President and CEO, Fundación Capital, Colombia
Anne Hastings Anne Hastings Anne Hastings, Global Advocate and Quality Assurance Advisor, Uplift, USA
Shameran Abed Shameran Abed Shameran Abed, Director, BRAC, Bangladesh
Jaime Aristotle Alip Jaime Aristotle Alip Jaime Aristotle Alip, Founder and Managing Director, CARD MRI, Philippines
Marilyn Manila Marilyn Manila Marilyn Manila, COMDEV Director, CARD INC, Philippines
Mary Munyiri Mary Munyiri Mary Munyiri, Chief Executive Officer, ECLOF Kenya, Kenya
Richard Leftley Richard Leftley Richard Leftley, CEO, MicroEnsure, United Kingdom
Essma Ben Hamida Essma Ben Hamida Essma Ben Hamida, CEO and Founder, Enda Tamweel/ Enda Inter-Arabe, Tunisia
Mariella Greco Mariella Greco Mariella Greco, Country Director, Plan International Inc. - Paraguay, Paraguay
Lauren Hendricks Lauren Hendricks Lauren Hendricks, Executive Director of the CARE USA Access Africa Initiative, USA
Ratan Kumar Nag Ratan Kumar Nag Ratan Kumar Nag, Acting Managing Director, Garmeen Bank, Bangladesh
Sam Daley-Harris Sam Daley-Harris Sam Daley-Harris, Founder and CEO, Center for Citizen Empowerment and Transformation, USA
Binh Nguyen Binh Nguyen Binh Nguyen, Senior Evaluation Specialist, Asian Development Bank, Philippines
Sahar Tieby Sahar Tieby Sahar Tieby, Executive Director, Sanabel, the Microfinance Network of Arab Countries, Egypt
Massimo Pera Massimo Pera Massimo Pera, Rural Finance Officer, FAO, Italy
Pedro de Vasconcelos Pedro de Vasconcelos Pedro de Vasconcelos, Manager - Financing Facility for Remittances, International Fund for Agricultural Development, Italy
S M HUZZATUL ISLAM Latifee S M HUZZATUL ISLAM Latifee S.M Huzzatul Islam Latifee, Managing Director, Grameen Trust, Bangladesh
Christin Pfeiffer Christin Pfeiffer Christin Pfeiffer, Secretary General, INSME - International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises, Italy
Syed Hashemi Syed Hashemi Syed Hashemi, Professor, BRAC University (BRAC), Bangladesh
Patrick Elmer Patrick Elmer Patrick Elmer, Head of Business Development, BlueOrchard Finance Ltd., Switzerland
John Magnay John Magnay John Magnay, Head of Agriculture, Opportunity International, Uganda
Abdul Karim Abdul Karim Abdul Karim, Managing Director, Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), Bangladesh
D.S.K. Rao D.S.K. Rao D.S.K. Rao, Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Microcredit Summit Campaign, India
Fiona Joyce Fiona Joyce Fiona Joyce, Deputy Director, WSBI, Belgium
Ken Patterson Ken Patterson Ken Pattereson, Director of Grassroots Advocacy, RESULTS, USA
Sacha Polverini Sacha Polverini Sacha Polverini, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA
Craig Chelius Craig Chelius Craig Chelius, Executive Director, Mifos Initiative, USA
Padmasana Shakya Padmasana Shakya Padmasana Shakya, Chairperson, Manushi, Nepal
Mohammed al Lai Mohammed al Lai Mohammed al Lai, CEO, Al Amal Microfinance Bank, Yemen
Jane Giacaman Jane Giacaman Jane Giacaman, Chief Microfinance Operations, United Nations Relief and Works Agency - Microfinance Department, Palestinian Territory
Tracey Talentino Tracey Talentino Tracey Talentino, Managing Consultant, Creative Metier, United Kingdom
Ahsan Ali Ahsan Ali Ahsan Ali, Director of Credit, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, United Arab Emirates
Soha Soliman Soha Soliman Soha Soliman, Managing Director, Social Fund for Development - Egypt, Egypt
Estrella Mai Dizon-Anonuevo Estrella Mai Dizon-Anonuevo Estrella Mai Dizon-Anonuevo, Executive Director, Atikha Overseas Workers and Communities Initiatives Inc., Philippines
Olga Speckhardt Olga Speckhardt Olga Speckhardt, Head of Global Insurance Solutions, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Switzerland
Sharlene Brown Sharlene Brown Sharlene Brown, Executive Director, Microfinance CEO Working Group, USA
Stella Kilonzo Stella Kilonzo Stella Kilonzo, Division Manager, Financial Sector Development Division, African Development Bank, Côte d'Ivoire
Laura Foose Laura Foose Laura Foose, Executive Director, Social Performance Task Force, USA
Hayder Al-Bagdadi Hayder Al-Bagdadi Hayder Al-Bagdadi, Programme Coordinator, GIZ, Egypt
Parul Khanna Parul Khanna Parul Khanna, Director, microPension Foundation, India
Reem Khouri Reem Khouri Reem Khouri, Founder and CEO, Kaamen, Jordan
Henri Dommel Henri Dommel Henri Dommel, Director, United National Capital Development Fund, USA
Syeda Khaleda Syeda Khaleda Syeda Khaleda, Program Specialist (Consultant), Department of Disaster Management, Government of Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Vesna Gredelj Vesna Gredelj Vesna Gredelj, Vice President of Business Development, Oradian, Croatia
Paul Rippey Paul Rippey Paul Rippey, Editor & Independent Consultant, Savings Revolution, USA
Mike Warmington Mike Warmington Mike Warmington, Microfinance Partnerships Manager, One Acre Fund, United Kingdom
Bdour Alhyari Bdour Alhyari Bdour Alhyari, Business Development Manager, Microfund for Women, Jordan
Luis Fernando Sanabria Luis Fernando Sanabria Luis Fernando Sanabria, Chief Operating Officer, Fundación Paraguaya, Paraguay
Joshua Goldstein Joshua Goldstein Joshua Goldstein, Vice President/Program Manager, Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, USA
Timothy Nourse Timothy Nourse Timothy Nourse, President, Making Cents International, USA
Shankar Man Shrestha Shankar Man Shrestha Shankar Man Shrestha, Chief Executive Director, Centre for Self-help Development, Nepal
Mohammad Awal Mohammad Awal Mohammad Abdul Awal, Executive Director(CEO), Credit and Development Forum, Bangladesh
Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie, Director, Up!-Africa Ltd, United Kingdom and Sierra Leone
Munawar Reza Khan Munawar Reza Khan Munawar Reza Khan, Deputy Executive Director, TMSS, Bangladesh
Irma Cosico Irma Cosico Irma Cosico, Chief Executive Officer, ASKI Global Ltd., Singapore
Youssef Fawaz Youssef Fawaz Youssef Fawaz, Executive Director, Al Majmoua, Lebanon
Mulugeta Bedanea Mulugeta Bedanea Mulugeta Bedanea, REST/USAID Program Focal Person, REST, Ethiopia
Anna Kanze Anna Kanze Anna Kanze, COO, Grassroots Capital Management PBC, USA
Frances Fraser Frances Fraser Frances Fraser, Operations Director, Positive Planet, South Africa
Innocent Ephraim Innocent Ephraim Innocent Ephraim, Head of Digital Finance, Financial Sector Deepening Trust, Tanzania
Julian Jamison Julian Jamison Julian Jamison, Senior Economist, World Bank (GINI) and IPA, USA
Khaled Al-Gazawi Khaled Al-Gazawi Khaled Al-Gazawi, Chief Executive Officer, Ebdaa Bank for Microfinance, Bahrain
Md. Shahadat Khan Md. Shahadat Khan Md. Shahadat Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Progoti Systems Limited, Bangladesh
Yanki Tashering Yanki Tashering Yanki Tashering, Executive Director, Business Center for New Americans, USA
Chikako Fujita Chikako Fujita Chikako Fujita, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Arc Finance, USA
Katie Hoffmann Katie Hoffmann Katie Hoffmann, Manager of Responsible Inclusive Finance, Social Performance Task Force (SPTF), USA
Yasir Ashfaq Yasir Ashfaq Yasir Ashfaq, Group Head Financial Services, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, Pakistan
Asher Hasan Asher Hasan Asher Hasan, Founder and CEO, Naya Jeevan, Pakistan
Marco Marchese Marco Marchese Marco Marchese, Economist, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), France
Lev Plaves Lev Plaves Lev Plaves, Portfolio Manager, KIVA, USA & Turkey
Eric Noggle Eric Noggle Eric Noggle, Research Director, Microfinance Opportunities, USA
Abdelkarim Sma Abdelkarim Sma Abdelkarim Sma, Lead Regional Economist, International Fund for Agricultural Development, Italy
Cassie Chandler Cassie Chandler Cassie Chandler, Global Manager, Microfinance and Health Protection, Freedom from Hunger, USA
Jared Penner Jared Penner Jared Penner, Director of Thought Leadership and Consultancy, Child and Youth Finance International, Netherlands
Natalia Realpe Carrillo Natalia Realpe Carrillo Natalia Realpe Carrillo, Senior Consultant/Project Manager, MicroEnergy International GmbH, Germany
Ediri Iruaga Ediri Iruaga Ediri Iruaga, Country Program Director, Partners for Development, USA
Muhammad Zubair Mughal Muhammad Zubair Mughal Muhammad Zubair Mughal, Chief Executive Officer, Al Huda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics, Pakistan
Nathan Were Nathan Were Nathan Were, Project Manager-Financial Inclusion, FINCA International, Uganda
Muhammad Amjad Saqib Muhammad Amjad Saqib Muhammad Amjad Saqib, Chairman, Akhuwat, Pakistan
Badr el Din Badr el Din Badr el Din, President of the Microfinance Unit, Central Bank of Sudan, Sudan
Michele Costello Michele Costello Michelle Costello, Professor, Baruch College CUNY, USA
Govinda Rajulu Chintala Govinda Rajulu Chintala Govinda Rajulu Chintala, Chief General Manager, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, India
John Alex John Alex John Alex, Group Head - Social Initiatives, Equitas Microfinance Ltd., India
Bashar Al-Zu'bi Bashar Al-Zu’bi Bashar Al-Zu'bi, Assistant Professor, Arab Open University - Jordan, Jordan
Daniel Rozas Daniel Rozas Daniel Rozas, Senior Microfinance Expert, European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP)/MIMOSA, Luxembourg
Imran Inam Imran Inam Imran Inam, Chief Executive Officer, Community Development & Research Organization, Pakistan
Ayman Albarawi Ayman Albarawi Ayman Albarawi, Managing Director, Bank For Innovation & Partnership (BIP), Sierra Leone
Kathleen Odell Kathleen Odell Kathleen Odell, Associate Director of Economics, Dominican University , USA