Badr el Din


Badr el Din, President of the Microfinance Unit, Central Bank of Sudan

Prof. (Dr.) Badr EL Din A. Ibrahim is currently the President of the Microfinance Unit/Central Bank of Sudan. He was educated at Khartoum University and Manchester University. He was a Dean of the Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS), in Oman; Economic Expert, Ministry of Finance, Oman; Chairman, Department of Economics of Khartoum University, and a Secretary General of the Sudanese Society for Promotion of Crafts and Small-Scale Enterprises. He was also small enterprises financing consultant to the Director General of the Sudanese Islamic Bank and Khartoum-office German Fredrich Ebert Foundation. He was distance consultant to the Saving and Social Development Bank. Prof. Ibrahim pursued many international consultancies and funded researches on MSMEs’ financing. He published many articles in international referred journals, and acted as a resource person for lots of conferences and workshops in MSMEs’ financing and Islamic finance in 30 countries. He is the author of “Banking & Finance to Small and Microenterprises in Sudan – Lessons from an Islamic Financing System”, Institute of Islamic Banking & Insurance, London in 2004 and “Economic Co-Operation in the Gulf- Issues in the Economics of the Arab Gulf Co-Operation Council States”, Routledge, London & New York, 2007; and “Issues in Microfinance” (in Arabic), Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, 2016.


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