Bashar Al-Zu’bi


Bashar Al-Zu’bi, Assistant Professor, Arab Open University – Jordan

Dr. Bashar Al-Zu’bi has completed his PhD in financial Economics from University of Birmingham – UK, having previously finished his MSc in finance from Queen’s University of Belfast – UK. He also obtained a higher degree in public finance from Duke University – USA. Dr. Al-Zu’bi works as Assistant Professor in AOU – Jordan. He also works as consultant for JCP – USAID. In addition to this position, he works as an external consultant to the AGFUND in supporting the microfinance activities in the developing countries. Dr. Al-Zu’bi worked as a senior expert to the Chairman of the Jordan Investment Commission, through which he led the Jordanian efforts of Jordan’s Adherence to the OECD International Investment Committee to make Jordan the 46th in the world and the 4th MENA country to join such a committee. In addition to this position, he worked as a project advisor at the MENA – OECD. He coordinated the Italian Credit Line project with the UNIDO-Jordan. Before joining the UNIDO, he worked on a Corporate Governance project in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London. He was appointed between 2001 and 2003 by the GIZ as an Economic Modelling Assistant. His research has been accepted in several leading academic journal and many international conferences including the European Financial Management Association conference (Europe’s Best in Finance).


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