Craig Chelius


Craig Chelius, Executive Director, Mifos Initiative

Mr. Chelius is an accomplished software executive with expertise in strategic positioning, product launches, and growth management. Mr. Chelius’ 25 years of enterprise software expertise is ideally suited to the Mifos software platform and his private-sector experiences bring a useful perspective on growth and scale to the non-profit open source sector of financial inclusion.

As Executive Director of the Mifos Initiative, Mr. Chelius has led the Mifos Initiative through four successful growth transitions:

  1. . The spin-out of the Mifos Initiative from the Grameen Foundation and achieving non-profit 501(c)3 status for the Mifos Initiative
  2. The repositioning, rebranding, and global launch of the Mifos Generation 2 software – Mifos X, as a complete platform solution for financial services for the poor.
  3. Making the successful business case for the Mifos software community to join the Apache Software Foundation, where Mifos is now in incubation.
  4.  And in 2016, guiding the global launch of Mifos Generation 3.


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