Cynthia Villarreal


Cynthia Villarreal, General Manager, National Program for Financing Microentrepreneurs (Mexico)

Cynthia Villarreal Muraira is the General Coordinator of PRONAFIM, the Mexican Secretary of Economy’s National Program for Financing Microentrepreneurs, since June 2015.

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Cynthia Villarreal has a degree in International Business from the Monterrey Campus of the Tec de Monterrey (ITESM). She also holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy with a concentration on Political and Economic Development, from the Harvard Kennedy School

Previous to her current position, Cynthia Villarreal served as the Technical Secretary of the Minister of Economy, Mr. Ildefonso Guajardo, as Deputy Director-General at the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, and as Director of Competitiveness, at the Undersecretariat of Competitiveness and Norms.

She also worked four years at Cemex’s Corporate Strategic Planning department.


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