D.S.K. Rao


D.S.K. Rao, Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Microcredit Summit Campaign

Dr. D.S.K. Rao is the regional director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign for Asia Pacific. He joined the Campaign in July 2000 and lives in Hyderabad, India. The Campaign draws heavily on his wide experience and familiarity with the sector while organizing the regional and global summits.

Dr. Rao is a certified trainer of Cashpor House Index (CHI) and Participatory Wealth Ranking (PWR), the two efficient and cost-effective targeting tools. He has conducted scores of workshops and trainings on these two tools for practitioners in Asia. He was closely associated with the National Surveys in Bangladesh and India during 2008-10 for measuring and tracking the poverty levels of microfinance clients using the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI).

Dr. Rao is presently implementing a Johnson & Johnson funded project for integrating health with microfinance in India, in collaboration with Freedom from Hunger.

He has co-authored two books on microfinance, titled, The New Middlewomen and Development, Divinity and Dharma.

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