Jane Giacaman


Jane Giacaman, Chief Microfinance Operations, United Nations Relief and Works Agency – Microfinance Department

Ms Giacaman has joined UNRWA since 1995 as a Project Development Officer, and developed to many progressive posts, 2009 she was promoted to her current post as Chief Microfinance Operations supervising, managing four areas of operation in West Bank, Gaza Jordan and Syria.

Following her passion of empowering women and supporting economic development of Palestinian refugees and other proximate poor groups including youth, Ms Giacaman, with enthusiasm and dedication, has developed several tailored products to meet the needs of the department’s stakeholders and their economic sustainability and empowerment. Through her commercially-aware business analysis skills, Ms Giacaman redesigned a women specific product that was launched in Syria to meet the needs of working women having income-generating projects at their homes.

Through managing a regional microfinance operations at four different fields with complex and volatile business and legal atmosphere, Ms Giacaman showed client-focused perspective and welfare of clients combined the humanitarian aspect along with financial sustainability of the programme.


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