Luis Fernando Sanabria


Luis Fernando Sanabria, Chief Operating Officer, Fundación Paraguaya

Luis Fernando Sanabria is the Chief Operating Officer of Fundación Paraguaya, a non-profit social enterprise based in Asunción/Paraguay. Luis has over 28 years of experience working at Fundación Paraguaya in institution building, microfinance, and social development. He oversees the operations of all Fundación Paraguaya programs in countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia where the institution works.
Under his leadership, Fundación Paraguaya has received numerous awards for innovation in education and youth employment, among others: World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Prize (2009), GDN/Japanese Ministry of Finance prize for Most Innovative Development Project (2009), Nestlé Shared Value Prize (2012) and ILO Good Practice in Youth Employment (2014).

In the public sector he led the Municipality of Asuncion’s Tax Reorganization Program from 1997 and 2001 that enabled doubling the annual income of the city and represented the city at numerous local and international entities. During 2012-2013 he served as advisor to the Social Cabinet of the President of Paraguay for the development of the plan Public-Private Partnership for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty (APEX).
Luis Fernando received a Law Degree from the Catholic University of Asuncion and has an MBA from the Austral University in Argentina.


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