Nasser Al-Kahtani


Nasser Alkahtani, Executive Director, The Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND)

Mr. Nasser Al-Kahtani graduated from the University of Miami — USA, class of 1990 with an MBA. He is currently working as the Executive Director of the Arab Gulf Programme for Development — AGFUND. He is considered to be one of the most distinguished Arab leaders in the field of human development.

Assuming a number of advisory positions and membership of several boards in both public and private sectors, Mr. Alkahtani has won the confidence and high esteem of various executive councils functioning in human development and became well known as one of the most influential development leaders in the Arab world.

He serves as the Chairman of:

  • AGFUND Microfinance Unit that is dedicated for establishing and supervising the Microfinance Banks/ Companies in the Arab World.
  • The Bank for Innovation and Partnership – Sierra Leone.
  • Ibdaa Microfinance Bank – Sudan.

He is also a board member in:

  • Alwatani Microfinance Bank – Jordan.
  • Alamal Microfinance bank – Yemen.
  • Ibdaa Microfinance Bank – Bahrain.
  • Ibdaa Microfinance Bank – Syria.
  • Ibdaa Microfinance Company – Lebanon.
  • Ibdaa Microfinance Company – Palestine.
  • Ibdaa Microfinance bank – Mauritania.

In addition, he serves as a board of trustee member in each of:

  • The Center for Arab Women for Training and Research – Tunisia.
  • The Arab Network for NGO’s – Egypt.
  • The Arab Open University – Kuwait.
  • The Arab Union for Small Enterprises – Egypt.


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