Nathan Were


Nathan Were, Project Manager-Financial Inclusion, FINCA International

Nathan Were has over 10 years’ experience in the financial inclussion space in Sub-Saharan Africa. He currently manages a $12.7m program sponsored by The MasterCard Foundation that is helping FINCA International scale-up financial services in Africa through the deployment of digital channels [Agency and Mobile Banking].

Prior to FINCA, Mr. Were worked for the Grameen Foundation in Kenya as an Agricultural Finance specialist helping MFIs develop and deploy Agricultural Finance products targeting small holder farmers. Prior to Grameen, Nathan spent 3 years at the Microfinance Support Center – a Ugandan government agency charged with the provision of wholesale credit to MFIs and SACCOs. At the center, Nathan was charged with supporting MFIs and SACCOs to review, refine and develop new financial offerings. He holds an Msc in Microfinance [With a distinction] from the State University of Bergamo Italy among other qualifications.


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