Paul Rippey


Paul Rippey, Editor & Independent Consultant, Savings Revolution

Paul Rippey worked in micro-credit for 20 years, co-founding Association Al Amana in Morocco in the 1990’s. In 2003 he discovered community-managed, savings-led financial groups – “Savings Groups” – and has been working with them since, since 2007 as an independent consultant, in a dozen countries in Africa and Asia.

His particular interests include using media to supplement in-person training, to assure consistency in training and maximize the utility of groups to their members; and, generally, consumer protection for group members, addressing power and knowledge asymmetries between groups and external partners.

He is co-founder and editor of Savings Revolution, an independent site devoted to Savings Groups. He lives in Portland in the US, and consults frequently with Savings Group projects around the world.


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