Pedro de Vasconcelos


Pedro de Vasconcelos, Manager – Financing Facility for Remittances, International Fund for Agricultural Development

Pedro de Vasconcelos joined IFAD in 2007 and is currently manager of the Financing Facility for Remittance (FFR) Multi-donor Fund and senior technical specialist on Remittances, migration and inclusive finance. In 2000, and prior to IFAD, Mr. De Vasconcelos created, launched and coordinated the remittance programme at the Inter-American Development Bank’s Multilateral Investment Fund (FOMIN). During the same period Mr. De Vasconcelos also launched and coordinated the FOMIN’s ICT for development programme. From 1998 to 2000, Mr De Vasconcelos served at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Geneva under the project MicroBanks in cooperation with the Banque International du Luxembourg. Mr. Vasconcelos areas of expertise range from financial inclusion for development (remittances, payments systems, and investments), migration, SME development and finance, innovative technologies applications, and UAV technologies for rural development and agriculture.

Mr. De Vasconcelos holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from the University of Toulouse-France and a Masters in International Business and Management of the University of Paris IV, La Sorbonne.


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