Tarek Coury


Tarek Coury, Senior Economist, Silatech

Dr. Tarek Coury is a Senior Economist at Silatech. Coury heads the Research Unit and the Enterprise Finance Initiative at Silatech, which provides financial and product development advisory services to MFIs in the Arab World. Exploiting data from the MFI’s loan book, the unit provides loan book diagnostics, credit risk assessments, identifies market gaps and, working with Silatech’s Enterprise Development Unit, develops loan products designed to maximize impact in terms of the number of micro-loans dispensed and jobs created.

Coury began his professional career as an Economist at Cambridge University and later at Oxford. During this time, he also taught economics and finance at the Said Business School and the London Business School. He later became an Economist at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government along with a concurrent research affiliation at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. His research has focused on the interaction between financial and real estate markets, labor markets and macroeconomic performance in the GCC and MENA. Coury obtained his PhD in Economics from Cornell University in 2003 with a dissertation focusing on trade in financial markets. Contact details:


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