Partnerships that Build Bridges to New Frontiers

Featured speakers

Moderator:Mr. John Defterios, Emerging Markets Editor, CNNMoney, UAE
Speakers:Mr. Sacha Polverini, Senior Program Officer – Financial Services for the Poor, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA
Mrs. Stella Kilonzo, Division Manager, Financial Sector Development Division, African Development Bank, Kenya
Ms. Essma Ben Hamida, CEO and Founder, Enda Tamweel/ Enda inter-arabe, Tunisia
Mr. Yasir Ashfaq, Group Head Financial Services, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, Pakistan


The strength of microfinance has long been in creating linkages among key influencers in the development and financial inclusion ecosystem. This has led to a range of microfinance products and services reaching those who are socially and financially excluded. In our 2015 State of the Campaign Report, however, we warn of a potentially harmful divergence in efforts to reach those above and below the $1.90 a day line. Those living below the line or excluded because of their gender, disability, age are, furthermore, often offered products and services that do not meet their needs. In this plenary, we will showcase effective cross-sector partnerships that enable us to reach further and serve better. We will discuss the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships that exploit the natural synergy between the sectors, and address how to build bridges that perhaps did not exist before. Theory will be put to practice and we will explore—on the dais and among the participants—practical applications of these field experiences to create shared solutions for social change.

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Mapping Pathways out of Poverty: The State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report, 2015


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