Serving our Aging Clients and Persons with Disabilities

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Speakers:Ms. Parul Khanna, Director, microPension Foundation, India
Mr. Abdul Karim, Managing Director, Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), Bangladesh
Mr. Imran Inam, Chief Executive Officer, Community Development & Research Organization, Pakistan
Mr. Joshua Goldstein, Vice President/Program Manager, Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, USA
Mr. Gustavo Giler Alarcon, Technical Secretary, SETEDIS (The Technical Secretariat for Disabilities of the Vice-presidency of the Republic of Ecuador), Ecuador


Low income persons with disabilities (both physical and psychosocial) live in poverty and remain largely unbanked. Most of the workforce in most low to middle-income countries are unable to access quality financial services- microcredit loans, savings or pensions. Separately, poverty among the elderly will rapidly emerge as the dominant cause of increased global poverty. There is an urgent need for an effective response to mass-scale social security exclusion. Speakers in this session will explore some exciting innovative products, trainings and services from around the world that have started to make a real difference in the lives of persons with disabilities and the elderly.

Listen to the session as a podcast here:

Part 1: Introduction
Speakers: Joshua Goldstein, Abdul Karim, Gustavo Giler Alacron

Part 2: Speakers: Sophia Ojoma Abu, Imran Inam, Parul Seth Khanna
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