The Challenges and Opportunities of Islamic Microfinance

Featured speakers

Speakers:Mr. Muhammad Zubair Mughal, Chief Executive Officer, Al Huda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics, Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib, Chairman, Akhuwat, Pakistan
Mr. Badr el Din, President of the Microfinance Unit, Central Bank of Sudan, Sudan


Growth in Islamic banking has created interest in tapping into its potential for greater financial inclusion.This session will look into the demand and market reception for Islamic microfinance, and focus on how it can contribute to women’s empowerment and achieving holistic social impact. It will also explore whether Islamic banks are more resilient during financial crises while drawing comparisons with conventional microfinance.

Listen to the session as a podcast here:

Part 1: Introduction
Speakers: Amjad Saqib, Muhammad Zubair Mughal, Nawal Abdallah, Mahdi Kelani

Part 2: Panel Discussion
Questions and Answers from the Audience

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