Who Should Attend

attendDelegates to the Summit will come from a wide range of sectors related to the microfinance field that will delve into some of the most advanced and successful examples of financially inclusive products and services in the field.

The Summit will consider questions like:

  • How do we advance national financial inclusion strategies that create the appropriate policies and regulatory framework that promote social inclusion for all?
  • How do we create more innovative pathways that build resilience and empower those who are often excluded, including women, the elderly, and those living with disabilities?
  • How can we use financial inclusion to promote entrepreneurship and provide the appropriate products and services to empower the youth?
  • How do we ensure a full range of microfinance products and services reach those who are socially and financially excluded?
  • How can we capitalize on the natural synergies between different sectors to contribute to the success of the Universal Financial Access 2020 goal, the World Bank 2030 goals, and the U.N. Global Goals?

Great Networking Opportunities
The Microcredit Summit Campaign’s conferences are the largest microfinance gatherings in the world, which assemble a full range of those active in the field of microfinance including practitioners, advocates, investors, UN agencies, donors, domestic government agencies, and many more.
Exciting Opening Ceremony Speakers
Along with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus, the Microcredit Summit Campaign anticipates the participation of Heads of State, high-level government officials, and other VIPs at its Opening Ceremony and throughout the conference.
Contemporary Global Issues
Discussion of major topics in the international microfinance field will be offered at each Summit.
In-depth Plenary Sessions
Plenary sessions will discuss the hot topics of the day featuring leaders in the field.
Broad Range of Workshop Sessions
Workshops covering a variety of topics will be presented by specialists in their field.
Interactive Summit Trainings
Intensive training sessions on various topics will be offered at the end of the Summit.
Opportunity to Discover Latest Innovations
Delegates may visit an array of booths in the exhibition hall.

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